Water Bottle Carrier Tutorial by Pink Chalk Studio

Posted on 5:47 pm

Sewing Tutorials Fabric Water Bottle CarrierTwo reasons you need this water bottle carrier sewing tutorial in the upcoming weeks:

1)  Great handmade holiday gift idea.  You can make half a dozen in a weekend, and you are so funny, smart, and adorable.. I know you have at least that many friends!

2)  You will be returning to the gym soon.  And rediscovering your walking group.  And blowing the dust off your yoga DVD collection.   And crying in the corner while the wretched scale mocks you and the voices in your head whisper, “HOW many Christmas cookies did you eat?”

Err.. I mean.. because January is such a fabulous month to focus on healthy living… be sure to sew one for yourself!

Water Bottle Carrier Tutorial by Pink Chalk

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