Upcycle Dress to Apron by Maiden Jane

Posted on 8:51 am

Sewing Tutorials Dress to Apron UpcycleRun to your closet and find all the cute dresses you can’t stand to throw out but just don’t fit anymore.  OR go to the thrift store and find the section with the unbearably sweet frocks that are ridiculously small and couldn’t possibly fit a real human woman.

(Blogging note: Tiny ladies, I know you are out there. I’m just jealous. That’s all.)

Now.  Cut off the backs and add a sash.  Almost instant dress to fabulous boutique-style apron makeover.

Maiden Jane, this sewing tutorial is genius and  I love you in a non-freaky, non-stalker way.

These would make terrifically quick holiday or hostess gifts.  Use a child’s dress for a little girly sized apron.  Turn your  ill-fitting skirts into half aprons.   Add trims or contrasting pockets.  So many options, such a clever upcycle.  LOVE!

Upcycle Dress to Apron by Maiden Jane


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One response to “Upcycle Dress to Apron by Maiden Jane”

  1. Jane says:

    Aw, you are a dear! Thank you so much! You are right these would make great gifts. And thrifty is in! Thanks for finding me and I’m glad I found you. I will add your button to my blog!

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