T-Shirt to Shrug Restyle Tutorial from Wobisobi

Posted on 9:30 am

Sewing Tutorials Women's T-shirt to Shrug UpcycleT-Shirt to Shrug Restyle Tutorial from Wobisobi

Restyle your summer tees into fashionable fun knit shrugs!  This sewing tutorial is super easy and perfect for the beginner sewer, teen sewer, and a great jumping off point for more advanced seamstresses.

I love the idea of using an existing garment in a restyle.   The end product always fits, the materials probably already live in your closet, and you can take the basic idea and expand on it in so many ways.  Wobisobi restyles adult t-shirts but you could make these with kids’ tees too.   You could add ruffles along the neckline or use a long sleeve shirt instead.  Such a versatile project!



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