Osoberry Bag Tutorial from Whip Up

Posted on 7:00 am

Sewing Tutorials Osoberry Bag Easy Upcycle Sewing ProjectOsoberry Bag Tutorial from Whip Up

I’m really digging upcycle sewing tutorials.  Off the bolt fabric yardage is expensive and it’s fun to scrounge yards of interesting and unique fabrics from thrift store skirts and pants. I feel less inhibited in my sewing when I’m tearing apart an old skirt instead of cutting into $28/yard specialty fabric ordered from China.

The Osoberry Bag tutorial from WhipUp.net fits the  bill for a low stress, one day project that is fun to sew and produces a totally functional object, too.  Mix and match khakis, denim jeans, suede skirts, home dec fabrics, linen. There are no closures or hardware needed for this bag, so it’s a nice beginner sewing project, great for tweens and teens. As a fabulous added bonus, Whip Up provides a printable pdf of the tutorial for sewing table access as you create your first bag and then file it away with your patterns to use again. Love!


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