Little Girl’s Summer Nightgown Sewing Tutorial

Posted on 4:20 pm

Sewing Tutorials - Sweet Girls Nightgown

Little Girl’s Summer Nightgown by Our 3 Sons Plus 1 SCGG

SCGG = Super Cute Girly Girl.  And I MUST agree. This sewing tutorial is genius, but the little girl modeling is divine.  Swoon.

It’s hard to find cotton summer nightgowns for girls in the stores. I don’t know why.. didn’t we all love wearing them? Any soft cotton would be fabulous for this nighty. Upcycled from a woman’s nightgown perhaps? Or how about making it in white cotton eyelet. So sweet!

Anyway, this tutorial is super easy no-pattern sewing, a great confidence builder for even a beginner seamstress! I love the ruffle details. They take this project from simply homemade to something special.  This is another great gift making sewing tutorial, especially for little girls with summer birthdays!


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