Felt Cut Out Cookies Tutorial from The Mother Huddle

Posted on 9:03 am

sewing tutorials felt sugar cookieI have a confession to make.   I abhor making cookies with my children.  It’s not that I don’t love my kids (I do!), and it’s not that I don’t enjoy making cookies (I do!), it’s the combination of kids + cookie baking that turns me a little green.

You see, as much as I adore those grubby little hands, I get a little.. squicky when I think about them elbow deep in cookie dough that I intend to eat.  At our house, we call sugar cookies prepared by the under six crowd, “booger cookies”.  Heh.

So The Mother Huddle presents a sewing tutorial that solves all of my Christmas cookie woes.  FELT cut out cookies.  Bless you, TMH!  I plan to make this a special toy that only comes out when it’s cookie baking time.  Then mama can do her work in the kitchen while the little ones do their work on the kitchen table without obsessing over who’s fingers have been where in the last five minutes. And of course, they can still help me with the tasting!

Felt Cut Out Cookies would make a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for just about anyone in the 3 to 6 set.  I LOVE the idea of a custom storage box as well.  Thanks again Mother Huddle!

Felt Cut Out Cookies Tutorial from The Mother Huddle


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