DIY Lace Trim Shorts from Lil Blue Boo

Posted on 2:41 pm

Sewing Tutorials : DIY Lace Trim Shorts

DIY Lace Trim Shorts from Lil Blue Boo

Do you need a little instant gratification today? How about a sewing tutorial that will take about fifteen minutes? And then you can strut your cute little lace booty to the beach or the grocery store, smug with knowledge that you sewed something adorable just for you! Of course, you can also use this technique to embellish your daughter’s shorts or jazz up some baby pants.  I love me some under-an-hour sewing. This is a perfect beginner sewing project, particularly for teens!

Lil Blue Boo was inspired by this sewing tutorial posted by Honestly… WTF which shows another way to use this embellishment on plain boxers for around-the-house wear.  How cool would it be to dye these???


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