Basic 3 Tiered Skirt by Make It and Love It

Posted on 4:06 pm

Got a little girly that likes her skirts twirly?  Then this is the sewing tutorial for you.  Make it and Love it cracks the top secret mathematical formulation to make a custom three tiered skirt in any size.

Yes, you do have to do a little math.  Yes, you CAN do it.  Yes, it’s totally worth it.

Once you have your measurements, you can whip up these darling little numbers in about an hour.  Hello..  handmade Christmas and Birthday gifts! Make them with knits or woven cotton, the process and measurements are the same, which makes this a very versatile pattern.  If you want to be fancy, try making the tiers in different prints or piece together a patchwork with your scraps.  Sweet!

This is a super easy tutorial, even for the math challenged, suitable for seamstresses of any level.

Basic 3 Tiered Skirt by Make It and Love It

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