Flat Emelie and Matt Tutorial at Moda Bake Shop

Posted on 12:30 pm

Fabric Paper Doll Sewing TutorialSqueeeee!  Fabric paper dolls! I need some!

I mean, my kids need some!

This sewing tutorial is amazing.  Not only is it totally adorable and fun to make, but is one of those rare projects that you won’t believe is FREE!  Download and print the doll and clothing templates, gather cute fabrics (hello, scrap buster) and get thee to work.

These fabric dolls would make a fabulous handmade gift and are a great way to get children interested in sewing. Involve younger kids in choosing the fabrics for the dolls’ wardrobe and older kids can help with the construction.  Tutorial also includes instructions for a sweet bag to store your “Flat” family.

Flat Emelie and Matt Tutorial at Moda Bake Shop

Recycled Sweater Knit Hat from A Beautiful Mess Blog

Posted on 8:08 pm

Recycled Sweater Knit HatAhhhh yeah.  I love me some upcycle.  You know what’s even better then an upcycle?  A FIVE MINUTE upcycle!

One minute it’s an unloved sweater, five minutes later it’s a cute and cozy hat.  No sweater will be safe from your scissors, not your kids’ sweaters, your husband’s sweaters and especially not those ill fitting and hideous holiday sweaters that self replicate in the back of your closet. Even the newbiest newbie seamstress can tackle this one.

Now go forth and upcycle..

Recycled Sweater Knit Hat from A Beautiful Mess Blog

Long Mittens Tutorial by A Lemon Squeezy Home

Posted on 9:46 pm

Long Kids Gloves Sewing TutorialI have four kids.  It snows in our backyard.  A lot.

Said kids love said snow.  Every year said mother buys said kids new gloves for said snow.  And at least one of said gloves for said kids for said snow gets lost. Every year. And always twelve seconds before said kids want to go out and play in said snow giving said mother twelve seconds of peace she so desperately needs in the dead of winter when she is trapped inside for fourteen hours a day with said kids.

(Have I said enough? Ha ha)

Okay, I’m done being obnoxious for this post.  Where was I? Oh yeah, lost gloves.  It’s a major child crisis when there’s 12 inches of new powder begging to be molded into snowballs perfect for sibling pelting and mittens are nowhere to be found.  What’s a mother to do?

Lemon Squeezy to the rescue.  Keep some fleece and a couple of yards of elastic on hand at all times, and you can whip up a pair of emergency snow mittens in half an hour or less.  Even if you’re a beginner, this project is super easy and fast.  You don’t even need a pattern, just a spare kid hand to trace around.  Bookmark this sewing tutorial and never again face the tragedy of lost mittens on a snowy afternoon.

Long Mittens Tutorial by A Lemon Squeezy Home



Baby/Toddler PJ Pants Tutorial – From An Igloo

Posted on 8:54 am

If this sewing tutorial doesn’t make you want to run to your sewing machine, you’re broken.

Or maybe you don’t have any babies or toddlers to sew for.  And if that’s the case, run right out and get one, because this tute is pure adorable.

The free printable pattern for these pj bottoms are one size and will flexibly fit from 6 months to 4 T with a few adjustments explained by Christine.  This is great practice for sewing with knit fabric and adding applique or embroidered embellishments.

A few ruffles across the tush would be fabulous as well!

Baby/Toddler PJ Pants Tutorial – From An Igloo


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